CCW Permit Advertising - Concealed Carry Classes

CCW Internet Properties

Our service is designed to provide Concealed Carry (CCW) class instructors the opportunity to increase their business at an affordable price.  We offer the option of month-to-month or you can lock in your price for a term of up to twelve (12) months.  The choice is yours.


Concealed Carry/CCW Classes:
$11/month per county

Detailed Pricing:

Concealed Carry/CCW Class advertising:

$9/month per county.  Each county is limited to three (3) instructors.


$19/per month, per county for an Exclusive Listing.  This means that you are the only instructor receiving the prospective student leads for your selected county or counties.

Exclusive listings also include the following:

You select two (2) cities within your selected county for extra focus.  We build out a webpage for each of the cities you select; and

You have the option to lock in a term of up to twelve (12) months.